The Ruby Gallyno. enslaved
Departed Bristol1758
Arrived Africa
Departed Africa
Arrived Bristol

The business being finished at Cork which let be done with the utmost expedition you are then to proceed for the Island of Jamaica, taking the benefit of convoy if any such offer (or the Company of any ship of force). If not, we apprehend the safest track will do to direct your course towards Cape Finistor, and from thence proceed to the Southward of Barbadoes, and down by Tobago, taking care to bring too as soon as you see distinctly the Island of Trinidad, and, as it becomes dark, make sail in order to pass by it in the night, and continue your course between the Latitudes of 14 and 15, until you judge yourself to be in the Longitude on the (East End of Jamaica) of Port Royal in Jamaica, and then steer a Northern Course in order to enter the Harbour…