‘A Snow’ is a type of sailing ship

The Snow Africano. enslaved
Departed Bristol
Arrived Africa
Departed Africa
Arrived Bristol

You have a cargo on board on our account amounting to £4648 which you are to barter for good healthy young Negroes and Ivory, and we desire you’ll be very careful in the purchase of the Negroes not to buy any Old Slaves or Children, but Good Healthy, Young Men & Women, & buy all the Ivory you can and when you are half slaved don’t stay long if there is a possibility of getting off, for the risqué of Sickness & Mortality then becomes great. We recommend to you the care of your White People, for when your Crew is healthy they will be able to take care of the Negroes. Be sure you get your wood on board & water filled sufficient for the Voyage in time, that you may not be detained on the coast when Slaved (besides the Neglect of such a thing would lumber the ship when the Negroes want the room). Let no candle be made use of in drawing Spirits, or to go near the powder, and let the most careful of your Officers & People be employed to do that Duty. We recommend to you to beat the Negroes with as much lenity (?) as safety will admit, and suffer none of your officers or people to beat or abuse them, under any pretense whatever. Be sure you see their victuals well (dressed?) and given them in due season; your seeing those orders fulfilled will contribute much to a healthy ship of course to a good voyage (from the Snow Africa’s logbook)