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I am a Bristol-based writer, poet and mobile immersive media creator and producer. I have been making location triggered soundscapes since 2003 (1831 RIOT!) In 2008 I founded Satsymph with classical contemporary composer Marc Yeats, coder, audio-engineer and musician Phill Phelps. We – Satsymph – utilise our diverse talents and artistic interests to make interactive soundart. Our classical contemporary music/contemporary poetry fusions, re-imagined heritage scenarios, and, frankly, anything which speaks to us artistically is all accessed through that ubiquitous illimitable device, the smartphone. Your smartphone is the portal to parallel soundworlds in which what you experience is mediated by what you do in them!

.. for example, we layered ‘The Temple of Hermes‘ – a contemporary classical music/contemporary poetry fusion (based on Greek myths and the doings of that trickster and scoundrel, Hermes) – over Hamworthy Park in Poole, Dorset. You can download the app, go to Hamworthy Park, enter the Temple, then either chase the brightly coloured soundpools you see on your screen, or just stick the ‘phone in your pocket and wander, guided by your ears. In either case, the soundart is INTERACTIVE – it responds to your movements within the soundscape. More here: Satsymph-Hermes

Colston’s Last Journey is my latest, current, work in this trajectory of creating interactive soundart