Statues anywhere in the world

Colston’s Last Journey has two delivery modes:

  • an interactive audioscape layered over the centre of Bristol/UK from the plinth where the statue of Edward Colston used to stand, along the historic Broad Quay (paved over and pedestrianised in modern-day Bristol), past the Cascade at the bottom, then along the left side of Broad Quay as far as Pero’s Bridge, over Pero’s Bridge, finishing at the spot where the Colston statue was thrown into the water on 6 June 2020. YOU HAVE TO GO THERE TO EXPERIENCE IT ON YOUR PERSONAL SMARTPHONE!
  • I am also making a version in which the sea of interactive audio can be placed over statues of known slavers anywhere in the world, accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Go to the statue, embark on the interactive sea, then board a selection of the Bristol slave ships afloat on this ocean of sound and hear what they have to tell you. Then come to Bristol and experience Bristol and the work in situ!