The problem with CLJ (Colston’s Last Journey) is the usual: there’s absolutely no end to the amount of research which could be done, nor is there an end to possible material for inclusion, so, at some stage, I really need to say, ‘that’s it!’ But then something else pops up and I think, ‘really should include THAT...’ But, no… can’t go on for ever – it’s getting time to PRODUCE something

So I have to think about the framework, the structuring of the work

this is sort of it: the structural constraints are that it has to be laid out in a busy city centre (buses, cars, people, water features, bicycles), but, luckily the whole route is pedestrianised and somewhat apart from the traffic, so that’s ok; then, even tho’ it’s called ‘Colston’s Last Journey’, it does not, in fact, follow the whole route the statue was dragged, which was down the right hand side of Broad Quay past the Watershed etc, not where I am leading people, which is on the ‘rive gauche’, the left-hand side, from the water cascade – this is for practical reasons, (1) there’s no space on the right, the pathway’s too narrow; (2) the work is gps-triggered. I wouldn’t get a good signal on the right under the canopy and right next to buildings . So it’s to the left. Further, when the ghost ships were sailing, they would not have been able to get further up Broad Quay than the (site of) old drawbridge (in line with Baldwin Street). For reasons of historical veracity, then – no ships above the drawbridge.

  • START at the Colston plinth
  • INTRO/CHARTERS (re. Royal African Company &c)
  • INTERACTIVE OCEAN as far as Pero’s Bridge, rive gauche (Arnolfini side of Broad Quay)
  • PERO’S BRIDGE: VIGIL (run multiple ‘vigil’ scenarios; maybe playlist?)