Scribbled these down in bed after leaving them to stew for a few weeks.: the 7 audio ghost ships are afloat on the sea of interactive sound. The content is stacked or playlisted (makes multiple visits to the same ship possible: if you have heard Content1, you will then hear Content 2 etc). In no particular order as yet:

  • SHIP1: the sailor experience (1) Joseph Banfield stranded in Africa (2) on ship accounts (3) dependents’ accounts
  • SHIP2: 1st person slave accounts (x3 or more)
  • SHIP 3: The floating prison (how a slave ship was organised and constructed)
  • SHIP4: The floating supermarket: what goods were traded and for how much
  • SHIP5: slave resistance in its multiple forms
  • SHIP6: SFX, non-narrative
  • SHIP7: ship instructions (the shipowners orders to the captain – where the ship is to go, what she is to do there etc)

The Sea of Interactive Sound

  • slaves embarked and disembarked
  • mortality rates
  • fragments from all ships
  • place names
  • nautical concerns (wind/weather/state of sea…)
  • SFX
  • snatches of Twi
  • music